Feb 23, 2011

Friends of the United Nations

A Global Campaign designed by Rusudan Grigolia

New Approaches to Global Tolerance & Respect for Diversity


International Tolerance Day
16 November the Campaign 

The idea of this Campaign was inspired by an ancient Georgian proverb, Which states that:
“Wherever you go, wear the hat of the people”, I thought this was a wonderful message for
tolerance, which is a central feature of the Friends of the United Nations work. As an essential
core of its commitment to Global Tolerance the Friends of the United Nation launched the Campaign
“Wear My Hat”, to educate people about the roots of cultural differences and the various symbols
 through which they are expressed. The hats is a very strong symbol for protection, identification and
also has an esthetic value. The “Wear My Hat” Campaign is a call to global action by the FOTUN to
celebrate diversity among people and encourage education understanding and appreciating each other’s
culture. In the process we will enrich ourselves with the colorful and friendly act of “Wearing Each Other’s
Hats” and nurture the values of tolerance and respect towards others in a celebration of diversity. I am honored to introduce our first recipients of the HAT Dr. Judy Kuriansky & Youth Activist Najeed Kassam. The Campaign will culminate in a major Festival on 2011, at the United Nations.

Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a world renowned radio advice host, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist,
popular lecturer, newspaper columnist, and author of many books. She is a pioneer of radio call-in advice, and more recently of Internet advice. An adjunct professor at the Clinical Psychology Program at Columbia University Teachers College and visiting professor of Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing, she is a frequent commentator on international media -- including CNN -- on various news issues.
Dr. Judy is on the Advisory Board of several magazines and public service organizations, and works extensively in Asia on health and women's issues, and Known for her relationship advice, Dr. Judy is also expert on emergency mental health services, and has worked at Ground Zero and many other disasters worldwide, and lectures about coping with world conflicts, including in the Middle East.

Nejeed Kassam has been involved with charity work ever since he and his father participated in the World
Partnership Walk, a fundraiser dedicated to alleviating poverty. He founded End Poverty Now, an NGO with the sweeping goal of abolishing poverty worldwide. One of their main goals is to educate the public about the scope of world poverty, which Kassam called “a gross violation of human rights.” To reach that goal, End Poverty Now plans to publish on its website an academic paper titled “What Is Poverty?”
“I represent eight or nine individuals who really put their heart and soul into this. Despite being students, they are extremely professional and they are doing this work because they want to make a difference.”

Says Nejeed.www.endpovertynow.ca.




1. Cultural Festivals of the Traditional Rituals, Literature & Art...
( Tolerance Day; Human Rights Day; Peace Day; Global Education Day)
2. Conferences on the theme: Celebrating Diversity
3. Global Workshops, Discussing Cultural similarities
4. Hat Design Sessions with the People of the Different Cultures
(Competition on Creativity & Innovation)
5. Photo & Art Exhibitions throughout the Galleries of the World


5. Photo & Art Exhibitions throughout the Galleries of the World
We at Friends of the UN still at continuing conversation on how humanity
must organize itself if it is to inhabit a world that is peaceful, just, sustainable
and prosperous - - especially in this new and complex 21st century where
the course is uncharted and the challenges are urgent and complex.
This is an age-old problem which confronts each generation a new as it
seeks to build a world at peace with itself, just on its transaction, tolerant in
their relations and committed to the continued growth and prosperity of
John Kennedy once remarked that “Peace is a daily plebiscite in which the
whole humanity has to be engaged”.
Nowhere is this more true than today when our numbers have made us a
full occupancy planet as well as a force with nature and a principle sources
of earth change.
But the United Nations is premised on the principle of sovereign equality of
states where the entire human family is represented at one level or another
and that is unique.
Peace and war are two very complicated measures of Human Existence. All
people in every part of the world, want their children to live in peace and
have happy lives.
For this reason to achieve Tolerance, Peace and Stability our organization
Friends of the United Nations launched a campaign “Wear My Hat”, to
celebrate diversity amongst people and nurture as well as respect for each
other’s culture, at the same time trying learn and understand all peoples of
the world. By “Wearing Each Others Hats”, we develop tolerance, respect
and appreciation towards other cultures and celebrate difference.

Dr. Noel J. Brown

Children should understand the importance of treating all people
with dignity and not judging
few. Adults should encourage children to explore their feelings
about prejudice and hate. Doing so will prevent further harm
and the process will present a powerful opportunity for our
young people to learn and incorporate into their everyday values
the true strength of their commitment to individual freedom by
upholding the respect and dignity of all people.
School Projects will be important for our cause as “Wear my
Hat” can turn into artistic and amusing activity for
schoolchildren. In the future it may turn into special occasion for
Tolerance Day Celebration in every school on NYC, and the rest
of the world. Making hats and giving those to a possible future


1. Tolerance is a virtue that makes Peace possible...
2. All people deserve to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity.
3. Groups of people should not be judged by the actions of a few.
4. Diversity is Humanity’s greatest strengths.
5. Vengeance and justice are the same.
6. Intolerance only causes harm as witnessed by the history.
7. Work together for peace at the community and global levels.
8. Violence and hate are never solutions to anger.

1. To practice tolerance and compassion.
2. To provide useful information about the history of diverse cultures.
3. To avoid stereotyping people or cultures.
4. To stop any type of harassment or bullying immediately.
5. To address the issue of blame factually.
6. To find ways of discussing how it would feel to be blamed unfairly.
7. To explore children’s fears.
8. To emphasize positive, familiar images of diverse groups.
9. Discuss historical instances of intolerance.

It would be interesting to hear some of your stories
about Hats. Basically anything and everything about
Hats, Hats, Hats... The winner will be awarded by the
Tolerance Award 2011 at the UN on the Tolerance
Day Event, November 16.

We are also looking for the signature song “Wear
My Hat”. Special selection Committee will be
choosing the best song, which will be the “anthem”
for the “Wear My Hat” Campaign. The song will be
translated on several languages and will be
performed on the opening and closing sessions of
the “Wear My Hat” festivals.

On my Land

Wear my Hat

To respect me
To know me
To be friends with me
To love me

Wear My Hat

If I trust you
and respect you
I will show you my land
I will feed you
Sing song for you
We will tell you to

Wear My Hat!!!
Wear My Hat, Wear Your Hat...

Dr. Noel Brown, President FOTUN
Ms. Rusudan Grigolia, Director of the Campaign “Wear My Hat”.